Useful Links
The San Diego Superior Court Website.  
The website for the San Diego Superior Court is one of the better
websites of the California Courts.  It features on-line services, the court
calendar, court locations, court fees, rules of court, and more.  The
Probate court was awarded a "top ten" web site award for 2003 from
the National College of Probate Judges.
San Diego Superior Court
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The Appellate Courts.  
The court system in California is based on a hierarchy very similar in
form to the federal court system.  The superior courts are the trial
courts.  Once a case is tried in the superior court, the case can be
appealed in the appellate courts.  The appellate court system is
comprised of districts with each superior court under the jurisdiction of
the appellate court for that district.  The superior courts of San Diego
County are in the Fourth District, Division One.  
Fourth District Appellate Court
The Supreme Court.  
The Supreme Court is the highest state court.  Cases appealed from the
appellate courts may be heard by the Supreme Court.  The decisions of
the Supreme Court are binding on all other courts in California-which
means that decisions made by other courts must be consistent with the
decisions of the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court has one chief
justice and six associate justices.  
California Supreme Court
California Law
California Statutory Law.  
California statutes are those laws enacted by the legislature of the state
of California.  The statutes are a system of comprehensive rules that
govern various areas from businesses and professions to elections to
health and welfare to taxation to, of course, probate.  The statutes are
found in the California Code which consists of 29 codes.  
California Code
California Probate Code.  
The California Probate Code governs probate proceedings in California.  
Each state has probate law specific to that state.  The California Probate
Code defines what a beneficiary is, what is necessary for a valid will,
what conditions must be met to establish a conservatorship, who
receives the estate of an intestate individual, and much more.  
California Probate Code
California Agencies
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